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For more than 30 years, Billy's BBQ has traveled across Canada and the United States collecting trophies in state and national BBQ competitions. Their sauces alone have garnered more than 250 awards, more than 50 of them being first-place finishes! The secret formula is a legend, and we proudly serve it in the Western Canada Rib Fest Tour near YOU!

Mouthwatering, lip-smacking however you want to describe it, the menu is packed with fall off the bone ribs, meats, sauces, and rubs. From Original to Tangy to Hot you’ll want to try it all.

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Talk about mouth watering, finger licking good time! - Blazin' BBQ is something to rave about! With many awards, east to west - with pride in our employees and truck. We offer you a fun, tasty experience! With over 500+ wins under their belt.. since 2002 - When we say wins - FIRST PLACE! 


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The taste says it all! - Curing their own wood the dry rubbed, polished flavour is seasoned by a secret ingredient - papaya extract! Do not sleep on these guys - after winning hundreds of awards all over North America - We want you to tell us your opinion - Good luck keeping your fingers clean!

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It is no mystery that St. Louis knows a thing or two about BBQ, and we take honor in being a part of that tradition. Our story is rooted in this wonderful city where top chefs and weekend grill masters turn to their pits.

In 1947, St. Louis's local meat packers embraced a new rib cut to differentiate their premium product from those of other national packing houses. There, the St. Louis Style Rib was born and quickly became the normal cut across America and is still to this day!

Our BBQ sauce pays tribute to our Midwest heritage. With a unique blend of spices, an unmistakable sweet with the right amount of heat was created. Taste a little bit of St. Louis history when you enjoy Buckeye BBQ!

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