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What is the cost to enter the Western Canada Rib Fest?

Gate admission fee varies depending on location/city. Please check your city's Facebook event for Gate Admission fee.

Does it cost to park at the event?

Parking costs differ depending on each location/city.

What type of ribs do vendors use?

Rib Fest teams are supplied with all-Canadian meat.

Is the Western Canada Rib Fest cash only?

No. Rib Fest vendors typically accept all types of payment via debit and cash.

Are dogs allowed at the Western Canada Rib Fest?

Service dogs are allowed otherwise dogs are not allowed at most locations

What is the cost of the ribs/food vendors?

Prices vary depending on vendor. 

What can I expect to do at the Western Canada Rib Fest?

Depending on location, most venues will have local entertainment and/or games and family fun/kid zones.

Is this a rain or shine event?

Yes. Rain will not keep the BBQ away!
Are umbrellas allowed?


Are lawn chairs allowed?

Are outside food/drinks allowed?
Kids snacks are allowed, you may bring a bottle of water as well


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